MM Aqua Technologies Limited formerly known as Munters India Limited commenced its operation in 1991.

The mission is to achieve excellence in energy conservation and environmental protection. MM Aqua has specialised knowledge in the design of wastewater treatment systems for various applications in different industries such as paper mills, breweries, petrochemical and textile plants apart from municipal sewage.

A water treatment plant by MMAQUA

The company manufactures cross fluted and vertical film type media for Waste Water Treatment and Cooling Towers, Droplet Separators for Air Conditioning Plants, Tube Settlers for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants and other Cooling Tower Components such as Nozzles and Drift Eliminators.

The Company is exporting its products to Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong/China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, Mexico and Sri Lanka

 PLASdek-- PVC Film Type Fill for Cooling Towers
 PVC Drift Eliminators --for Cooling Towers
 dekSPRAY -- PVC/ABS Nozzles for Cooling Towers
 PVC for SS Mist Eliminators-- for Air Washer/Process Applications
 BIOdek-- PVC Fill Media for Waste Water Treatment
 TUBEdek-- PVC Tube Settlers for Solid-Liquid Separation

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